the company

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Our concept is simple:
1. Provide full-service Real Estate at a reasonable rate and without the typical Real Estate Agent double-speak.
2. Provide clients with our ability to see what a house can become, not just what it is.

Most buyers today use the internet extensively to research to find their homes. These buyers are often as aware of the market conditions as seasoned industry professionals. We also know that buyers and sellers don't spend much, if any time in a Real Estate office, so why have one?

The process of buying a home is stressful and for most people, it is the single biggest investment they will make. The problem is that many homes on the market can be outdated or have awkward configurations. At Dwellingpoint, we help buyers see what these problems are and more importantly, how they can be solved.

The process of selling a home can be equally stressful. Everyone wants a good deal, but it is a rare transaction in which both parties emerge with a sense of getting what they wanted. At Dwellingpoint, we know this is the inherent problem in almost all Real Estate transactions. Our solution for sellers is based on a simple but effective methodology:

1. STAY CURRENT. It is imperative to really know current market conditions. What happened a few months or years back is no longer relevant.
2. PRICE CORRECTLY: Sellers almost always have a higher opinion of their properties than is actually the case in the marketplace. We only list properties that are in line with value.
3. STAGE TO SELL: Homes that don't show well, don't sell well. We know you love your house, but in order to sell it someone else must love it and we know what it takes to make buyers love your house.